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Pink Hood Froglicker | $FROGLIC

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Step 1: Connect Your Wallet

Connect your Web3 wallet such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or Phantom Wallet.

Step 2: Ensure You Have Funds

Ensure you have Ethereum (ETH) in your Web3 wallet. You can purchase ETH directly through your MetaMask wallet using the ‘Buy’ option or from exchanges like Coinbase.

Step 3: Swap for $Froglic

Once your wallet is connected, use the Uniswap interface. Enter the $Froglic contract address (available at the top of this page) to ensure you select the correct token. Set slippage to “Auto” to facilitate the swap. Swap your ETH for $Froglic.

Step 4: Confirm the Transaction

Confirm the transaction in your Web3 wallet. Sign and approve the transaction. Your $Froglic tokens will be processed and added to your wallet shortly.

Who is Froglicker?

PHFL a.k.a Pink Hood Froglicker a.k.a Froglic is a 1-of-1 character created by Matt Furie  the creator of Pepe. Immortalized within the Hedz Collection, he's a testament to immutable art. Froglicker also Pepe's son.

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Total Supply


Total Supply

Ten Billion $FROGLIC. This is the total number of $froglic that will ever come into circulation.

Team & Marketing


Tell me more, ser!

2.5% of Supply: Allocated to the team for their hard work and dedication. Our aim is to hold. Additional 2.5% will be used for marketing efforts and KOLs/Influencers.

No Presale.


Fair Launch.

Zero % of the supply will be provided as a presale. Pre-sales are Jeet 🧲 magnets. A Fair Launch with Fair tokenomics is far better. Buy, Hold, Play & Win. EZ.

UniSwap LP | V2 Pool



A whopping 95% of Token supply paired with ETH will be added to a Uniswap V2 Liquidity Pool, ensuring free trading. Liquidity is locked 🔒.


Let's Give


We're giving back to Matt Furie, creator of Pepe and the Hedz Collection, where Pink Hood Froglicker originated. We've set up a wallet for him and we’ll be sharing the private keys.

Rather than dumping tokens, we encourage you to send ETH (on Base or Mainnet) or $FROGLIC and we'll contribute some of our LP fees as well. Let's get Matt to create more so we can work together.

The Matt Furie Fund

Contributions so far:


Matt Furie Funds Wallet:


Base ChainLive now on BASE
Telegram PvP Game Bot


Join Froglic on his journey to the moon and play; Froglic Frog Jump.

Are you ready for an adventure that blends reflexes, skill, and the thrill of competition? Play directly in Telegram. Dive into the daily pools or challenge others directly. It’s your gateway to climb from Earth to the edges of the cosmos.

Gameplay Highlights

  • Challenge or Compete:Whether you’re taking on specific challenges or entering the competitive daily pool, there's always a chance to prove your skills and win ETH on the BASE platform.
  • Leap and Ascend:Inspired by the classic charm of infinite ascenders, guide Froglic through an ascending maze of platforms. Each leap could be your ticket to new heights and bigger victories.
  • Collect and Power Up:Along your journey, snag rockets and other power-ups to boost your ascent. The higher you climb, the higher your score—and your potential rewards.
  • Earn XP and Referral Fees:With every game, you earn XP. We’ll explain why later. Also, make sure to share your referral link so you can earn 20% of fees from your referrals. Grow with us.

Will You Make it to the Moon? No luck. Just skill. Fees go to holders and Token buy backs.

Paper Check IconUser Guide
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FroglicBot CTA

How To Play

How Graphic

Add the Froglic_Bot to your Telegram DM's.

Live on Telegram NOW!
Click here to add the bot to your Telegram.


Tap start & Froglic Bot will create you a wallet.

Type /start to bring up the welcome message and read the instructions. Your BASE wallet address will be displayed.


Send ETH to this wallet.

Type /wallet and tap your wallet address to copy it. Now send ETH on BASE to this wallet address, read here  for more information.


Read the user guide.

Read the user guide here.


Join @Frogliclivefeed & @Froglic chat

@Frogliclivefeed  is a channel dedicated to posting Live challenges that are ready to accept and play. Make sure to join the main Group chat here.


Place your challenge or compete in 24hr pool!

Tap on ‘Challenge’ To place your own bet. Or tap on ‘Pools’ to compete for the daily prize pools. Click here  to read more about pools.

The Future of Froglic

As we continue to innovate and expand, keep an eye out for more updates and enhancements. We’re dedicated to keeping our ecosystem fresh, exciting, and aligned with the needs of our community.

Future Graphic

Expanding Chain Functionality

At Froglicker, we're not just staying put; we're expanding. Our beloved $froglic is set to evolve, using the pool fees to BRIDGE $froglic over to Base Chain as well as others. As for Froglic_Bot, we have the Base chain version deployed, ETH Mainnet version ready and are developing a Solana version too.

Staking to Earn with $Froglic

Empowering Token Holders: We're turning up the value of your $Froglic tokens. By staking your tokens, you'll earn a share of the Froglic_Bot fees. It's our way of ensuring that those who invest in our ecosystem reap the benefits. Your tokens, your games, your thriving ecosystem.

New Games & PVP Challenges

More Games, More Fun: Froglicker is just the beginning. We’re in the process of designing a variety of fun, skill-testing PvP games that are quick to play but challenging to master. Each game will be crafted to ensure that every player can find a game that suits their style.

Special Events and Funded Matches

Community-Centric Competitions: Imagine a playground where every game is free to play but loaded with opportunities to win big. We're planning to host funded matches and large prize pools through the games we deploy, transforming every challenge into a chance to win.

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$froglic is not associated with Matt Furie

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